Thursday, 11 June 2009

Where am i?


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily, you dont know me personally but I kind of on-and-off follow your blog. Anyway, I just finished reading your recent one about the states and I oddly felt like I should leave you a note about how it made me feel.

In all honesty, you kind of inspired me in a way. How? I cant exactly explain. But I'll say that I completly know how you feel about going somewhere amazing and having an almost surreal time but then have to go back to the normal stuff. And that even though you can take millions of photos to capture a moment, you still cant get it back or you can write about it but somehow something still feels like its missing. Like you almost want to include an emotion you felt at the time but cant since there doesnt seem to be a name for it. Its truly amazing to go somewhere new and suddenly be aware that "Fuck, theres a while other world out there" One knows this already but once you get out there yourself, it truly hits you. I havnt been on tour myself, but I take loads of roadtrips all the time so I get how you feel on seeing so many new places; waking up in a new city each day. Its those times I realize that the simple things count most somehow. A moment of looking at the sun rise or just sitting in a hotel balconey watching the city. Anyway, Im glad you had a great time here in America. I hope you come back soon and see the rest of what its like. Personally, Im all for the little places. Thats where the cool stuff hides and all it takes is a little exploring. And I agree, it truly is time to try something new. What that 'new' thing is, who knows. What hey, life takes us to all kinda of places. Its amazing to see where we end up when we let ourselves be free. (Yea, that sounds kind of hippie-ish but go with it) Anyway, I was glad to read of your time here and your photos are really wonderful.
I dont know if you have a Myspace or not but if you ever just want to chat with someone, or hell, even need a tour guide in Washington or Oregon lol message on up /surrender_disenchanted.

Anonymous said...

take me with you!